Thursday, July 6, 2017

July E-Fiction Deals at Amazon

I always enjoy combing through the monthly deals at Amazon; this month there is a lot of marked down fiction for summer reading.

Vintage Fiction: The White Cottage Mystery by Margery Allingham, The Yellow Room by Mary Roberts Rinehart (mixed reviews)

Seven by Wendell Berry (some non-fiction): Jayber Crow, A Place on Earth, New Collected Poems, Nathan Coulter, Memory of Old Jack, Our Only World, What are People For?

Three by Arthur C. Clarke: Childhood's End, History Lesson (collected short stories #1) and The Sentinel (collected short stories #2)

Christian authors (who I am not familiar with) have several titles each: Ted Dekker (Three, Adam), Terri Blackstock (Last Light, Distortion, If I Run), and Robert Whitlow (Life Everlasting, Higher Hope, The Living Room) I read a sample of Whitlow's writing that was quite good, but these plots sound far-fetched.

The Blue Sword - McKinley (Newberry Honor, YA Fantasy)

Cold Sassy Tree by Olivia Ann Burns


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