Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Would Jane Eyre Be Your Best Friend?

I´m typing from a library computer because we haven´t got internet hooked up at our new house yet. I miss blogging, but haven´t had much time for reading so I guess I´ll have much more to say by next week. I was pleased by this article mentioned at the Bronte Blog. I have often thought of Jane Eyre as a "friend", but would never have had the nerve to say it. When I was very young I even considered her my mentor. I liked the things Lesley had to say and if you´re a Jane Eyre fan, I think you´ll enjoy them too.


Anonymous said...

There is going to be ANOTHER Jane Eyre movie? The Jane Eyre bug must be infectious and enduring. What is this number 5 or 6? Does this break some kind of record for what book has the most movies made about it? There is something in this book that intrigues us all. As I read the article I had a profane thought. What if people could see how much Jesus is like Jane. Sure He is without flaws but all that drew that author to Jane is what draws me to Him. He sees me as I am. He forgives. He would not suggest an evening of clubbing. May be that is what draws us to Jane. Real. Interesting. Compassionate. Self-sacrificing. Sounds a lot like Someone else I know.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one.

We used to give a college student, an older English major, a ride to church every Sunday. I would eager ask what he'd been reading. When he said, "Jane Eyre" I began to rhapsodize on my love of Jane. He screwed his face up and said, "Do you *really* like dismal stories of English orphans?"

I couldn't imagine. Sure it is a sad story, but Jane makes it through the sadness. He must of had a tiny soul.

Thanks for the link.