Monday, December 30, 2019

More Kindle Unlimited Titles for Thoughtful Readers (31-50)

Amazon had a half price deal for Kindle Unlimited until Dec 31st; if you happened to take advantage of it, here are some suggestions for better-than-average books.

Dorothy Sayers detective novels: Lord Peter Wimsey Vol. 2 (The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, Strong Poison, Five Red Herrings and Have His Carcase) and Vol. 3 (Murder Must Advertise, The Nine Tailors, Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon). Oddly, Vol. 1 is not available for KU.

Amberwell and Summerhills - D.E. Stevenson (2-part Ayrton Family series)

Home Cooking (a memoir as well as a cookbook) - Laurie Colwin
Caught Up in a Story - Sarah Clarkson
The Rainey List of Best Books for Children (Ages 0-12)

I have not read the Harry Potter books, but all 7 are free for Kindle Unlimited.

What about you? Have you made any discoveries with KU that you want to share?

Previous lists are here, here and here.


Friday, December 27, 2019

More Kindle Unlimited Titles for Thoughtful Readers (21-30)

Here are ten more better-than-average titles for Kindle Unlimited. (Two previous lists are posted here and here.)

Books I plan to Read:
I'll Watch the Moon by Anne Tatlock (reviewed here) There are many other free Tatlock titles.
The Tall Stranger - D.E. Stevenson
This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems - Wendell Berry
Hangman's Holiday by Dorothy Sayers (book #9 of 15)

A Cloud by Day, A Fire by Night: Finding and Following God's Will for Your Life - A. W. Tozer
The Unsettling of America - Wendell Berry
Time Management is Really Life Management by Roy King
Tech-Wise Family - Andy Crouch
The Trojan Mouse - An interesting title about Disney's effect on popular culture.

Books that others have enjoyed:
Green Ember by S.D. Smith


Monday, December 23, 2019

More Kindle Unlimited Titles for Thoughtful Readers (11-20)

As far as I know the Kindle Unlimited deal (1/2 price for 3 months) is good till the end of December. So here are some more suggestions for some of Amazon's better offerings. Enjoy!

1) Raising Your Spirited Child - Kurcinka (This book was very helpful to me with one of our boys!)
2) The Dangers of Shallow Faith - A. W. Tozer
3) The Crucified Life - Tozer
4) Weeknight Cooking for Two: 100 5-ingredient Suppers
5) Healthy Cookbook for Two
6) Healthy Slow Cooker for Two

7) Remembering - Wendell Berry
8) Son by Lois Lowry (book #4 in The Giver trilogy shows what happens to the people in book #1. It is not necessary to read books #2 and #3 to understand the last book in the series.
9,10) Katherine Wentworth and Katherine's Marriage by D.E. Stevenson's (reviewed here)

Stay tuned for two more upcoming lists.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Kindle Unlimited Titles for Thoughtful Readers (1-10)

Let's face it. Most titles for Kindle Unlimited are junk. You have to scroll through hundreds of trashy books to find the gems. Since I first tried it, in 2017, I've learned a trick or two. Now whenever I'm browsing for books, I make a separate list of the ones available through KU. My original plan was to join for a month and read as many of the free titles as possible during that month. But when Amazon offered three months of KU for half price, I decided to join sooner rather than later. (This deal is good till Dec 31st.) If you plan to take advantage of the discount, here are some suggestions for better quality books. (Amazon offers millions of fluffy romances, but I prefer the better writing and characterization of  vintage author D.E. Stevenson and Christian fiction writer, Lisa Wingate.)

Four books I have enjoyed:
The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill (beautiful non-fiction, reviewed here)
Bel Lamington and Fletcher's End by D.E. Stevenson (reviewed here)
Thrush Green by Miss Read (first in the series of over 20 lovely books)

Four books I plan to read:
On Reading Well by Karen Swallor Prior
Sandy's Seashell Shop Christmas by Lisa Wingate
To-Do List Formula by Zahariades
Evangelism as Exiles: Life on Mission as Strangers in our Own Land by Elliott Clark

Other ideas:
Drawing Book for Kids: 356 Daily Things to Draw, Step by Step (There are half a dozen other drawing books available.)
Christmas Jokes for Kids

Ten to get you started. More ideas next week!

If you have any recommendations, please let me know and I'll add them to my next lists.


Friday, December 13, 2019

Children of Heaven - Worthwhile Movie #18

I was a surprised to see that I haven't done any "worthwhile movie" posts since 2017. If you read my blog, you know that I enjoy films, but rarely do I come across anything that I highly recommend.

That changed last week when we watched the Iranian film, Children of Heaven, a heartwarming story of two children working together to overcome hardship. I purposely did not link to any trailer because it's best to go "blind" into this story. The clips I watched in order to give you a preview made the movie look silly.

Ali and his sister come from a poor family that can barely make ends meet. When he loses a pair of shoes, it creates a minor crisis. He spend the rest of the film trying to redeem himself, but since he chooses not to consult any adults about his problem, he makes some painful mistakes. These difficulties are what keep the movie from being too saccharine and also explain its PG rating.

I appreciated the movie for its lovely filming and for letting me peek into the daily life of an Iranian family (shopping, worship, school, etc). Because you can only understand it by reading the subtitles, be careful not to look away from the screen. My husband looked down for a second near the end and missed a crucial plot element, leaving him quite bewildered as to the final scene. 

This story of the triumph of a brother's love was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 1998. (It lost to Life is Beautiful, another excellent film.)