Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things that Fascinate Me

Inspired by Carol's literary fascination list and Brenda's bliss list I've written up a quick list of my own:
Textures, patterns, and shadows in black and white movies
People who serve others selflessly and never know they are heroes
British authors
That the Bible never gets “old” no matter how often I read it
The taste of dark chocolate
Outstanding children’s books
That God can take a horrible thing and use it for good
Music that is so beautiful that it is actually painful
My obsession with Jane Eyre (I don’t even understand it myself)
That God could love me NO MATTER what I do
People who love me no matter what I do
The Brazil nut
My children becoming adults

1 comment:

Carol in Oregon said...

I love this list! Especially: selfless servers, God's redemption, your incomprehensible obsession with Jane Eyre, *particularly* that you don't understand it.

What do you make of St. John in that book? Just curious...

Brazil nuts are proof that God loves us.

Thanks for another addition to the composite picture of Hope.