Friday, November 18, 2011

WWII Books from PaperBackSwap

I'm halfway through four different books so I don't have a post this week.  Still, I thought I'd mention how delighted I am with some recent acquisitions from PaperBackSwap.  I enjoy WWII history and was happy to receive these titles:

Escape from Warsaw - teen fiction
The Brass Ring by Mauldin - Mauldin was WWII's greatest cartoonist
The World War II Bookshelf- highlights 50 essential books about the war
Corregidor - written by Sergeant Ben Waldron about his experiences as a P.O.W.
The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust - about Gentiles who risked their lives to help Jews
When Hollywood Ruled the Skies - Aviation film classics of WWII

Nice variety, don't you think? Now, if I could only finish my other books so I can get to these!


Carol in Oregon said...

Wow. My belief that there is no end to WWII books is growing. I feel like I've read great gobs of WWII books (probably close to 40) but I've not even *heard* of these titles.

I'm eager to hear more about them.

Happy Reading!

Your friend Carol

PS Snow covers the ground and I am happy. Staying home and reading seems the right thing to do in weather like this.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with these three books, a WWII trilogy by Edith Pargeter - The Eighth Champion of Christendom (1945)
"Reluctant Odyssey" (1946)
"Warfare Accomplished" (1947)? They are powerful. (Pargeter also wrote as Ellis Peters and is the author of the Brother Cadfael series.)

I like your blog. I will be looking for some of the books I've learned about through your writing.

Joan in upstate NY