Sunday, November 3, 2013

Results of Poetry Naming Contest

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a plea for ideas for naming a new feature on my blog. I wanted to begin highlighting devotional poetry a couple of times per month, but couldn't think of anything interesting to call my posts. I was pleased with the many good responses that came in - some in the comments, some on facebook, and some via e-mail.  In fact, so many came in that I had difficulty choosing. Finally, though, I settled on Dorie's suggestion of "Rhyme and Reason" because it encapsulates exactly what I wanted to say. I will be focusing on poems that make us think about faith in fresh ways. Thank you, Dorie. And thank you to everyone else who participated.

                   RHYME & REASON


Happy Stamper said...

Yea! I'm thrilled you liked my suggestion.

Grace said...

I wish I could think of things like that! It is so perfect! Good job Dorie.

Farm Girl said...

Hi, I was doing a google search for Elisabeth Goudge and The Dean's Watch and I found your blog. Do I dare say I feel like I walked into a friends cottage and there on the shelves were all of my friends, but even better someone who has loved them and wants to blog about them. You made my day and I am so happy, I chanced in. :) I will be putting you in my sidebar on my blog so I don't miss a single post.