Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten Reasons People Prefer Physical Books to Digital

Tim Challies had a link to this infographic on ten reasons people prefer physical books to digital ones. I use my Kindle often, yet I have to agree with most of the reasons listed. One thing that bugs me about digital books is the anonymity. Lots of people on the subway use e-readers, but without the visible book cover I can never see what they are reading (and hence can't strike up a conversation about it.)

Also, implicit in number two is the difficulty of paging back and forth in an e-reader. It's so frustrating to try and find the passage you vaguely remember. (The Kindle search engine sometimes helps with this.)

Number ten made me laugh: "How can anyone see how clever you are if you are holding a grey rectangle?"


Anonymous said...

Reason 11: People - especially the super readers - can't afford it, and are trying to make a virtue out of a necessity. Now, no decent person would begrudge people trying to maintain some sense of dignity when the economy and job market are collapsing. It just seems increasingly common that, just as soon as increasing numbers of people can't afford little luxuries, tech goods etc., it's becoming the done thing to claim that not having them is sooooo much better.

JaneGS said...

Interesting info--I love my paperbacks and try e-books from time-to-time, but I'm addicted to paper.