Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kindle Deals - Books about Books

Sometimes I like to pretend my TBR list isn't already a thousand books too long and I pick up a book about books (with a zillion more recommendations). That happened again last night when I saw these Kindle deals at Amazon:

The Christian Tradition in English Literature - 99 cents (I bought this one a few weeks ago, but since it's still on sale, I decided to add it to the list.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these recommendations. I had not heard of the last two. I rely on the Honey for the Heart books and used the Honey for a Child's Heart when my kids were little.

Unknown said...

THANK YOU! You know what's funny?! I just put those TOP three on my wishlist yesterday! :P

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the heads up and the recommendations. I own a Nook, so I checked B&N's website and also found three of your recommendations on sale. Oh happy day, three new books, no extra shelf space needed and only $2.97 spent!