Friday, October 16, 2015

D. E. Stevenson Books on Kindle

Dorothy Emily Stevenson (1892-1973) was a Scottish writer of light novels. She is a cut above the rest because of her beautiful writing and non-superficial characters. She is probably most famous for her Miss Buncle books, but I've also heard good reviews of her Mrs. Tim series.

Most of her books are out of print, but happily many are becoming available for e-readers. Although they are out my penny-pinching price range ($10), I was happy to see that one of her trilogies is available for less. Each book is $4: Vittoria CottageMusic in the Hills, and Shoulder the Sky 

Even better, those with Kindle Unlimited can read these for free.

Although these don't have "classic" Stevenson status, they would be a good introduction to her writing. I have not read the first two, but plan to give them to myself for Christmas.

(Shoulder the Sky is reviewed here and Miss Buncle's Book here.)


Unknown said...

Ooooo...thank you! I love D.E. Stevenson! I probably will NEED ;) to get Vittoria Cottage as I love that one! :) Thanks again!

Unknown said...

I have never found "Vittoria Cottage" but have read both "Music in the Hills" and "Shoulder the Sky". I loved them both. I may need to get Vittoria Cottage and read the whole series like it was meant to be read. I really enjoy her books.

Charlotte said...

I was incredibly lucky, and became a D.E. Stevenson fan just as they were being deaccessioned by the Rhode Island libraries. So I have almost a complete set....such lovely comfort reading they are!

Peggy Arthurs said...

There is a large following for Ms. Stevenson! I've read one, but have a couple others waiting for me on the shelf. I read a lot of Scottish literature and host a Read Scotland challenge each year on my blog and Goodreads. Amazing literature from those Scots! Used bookstores and book sales are get places to pick them up.