Friday, January 8, 2016

Shakespeare in One Year

I agree with my friend, Carol, that the best way to do Shakespeare is to read each play in one sitting. I once set a goal to read just three a year, but I rarely remembered to stick to it. When I did remind myself, I was not always sure where to start. So I was delighted to see this article at First Things with a plan to read the entire Shakespearean canon in one year

It is unlikely I'll be able to devote the half hour a day necessary to complete this challenge, BUT it is a lovely way to do Shakespeare in bite-sized chunks and to have a suggested order for reading. I'm going to give it a try.

Each individual play is available for free on Kindle, but I think I'll use The Complete Works of Shakespeare since it will put everything (plays and poetry) in one place.

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Carol in Oregon said...

Thank you for this! Each year I promise myself I'll read more Shakespeare, but I probably need that schedule to get it done. The most success I had with the plays was when my husband had a meeting one evening. I would find an audio version and the written play (that matches the audio!) and read and listen at the same time.