Friday, December 8, 2017

Cozy Christmas Reading Lists

I've been planning to make a list of suggested reading for the holidays, and it turns out that several of my favorite bloggers had the same idea. Here are our gathered ideas for holiday reading.

My two favorite ways to prepare for the season are the movie: The Nativity (reviewed here), and the (free) audiobook: A Christmas Carol by Dickens. Beautiful music is essential too. Last year I wrote a post about simpler Christmas music.

Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me has this lovely list of books. Heather at Blackberry Brambles has an almost completely different list here. (But they both have Rosamunde Pilcher's Winter Solstice, so my interest is piqued.)

Finally, Michelle from Living Our Days has a guest post at The Redbud Post highlighting books that focus specifically on advent.

Any suggestions for other cozy books or films?


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Amy Marie said...

We enjoy The Shop around the Corner movie with Jimmy Stewart and The Muppets Christmas Carol. :) I'm thinking about my favorite Christmas many to choose from. I actually have a whole bunch to look at coming via the library and then I need to choose one or three. ;)