Friday, May 25, 2018

Ten Year Blogiversary

My tenth year of blogging came and went, and I finally have time to make note of it. I rarely read my stats because they are not what motivate me to blog, but on my fifth blogiversary I enjoyed a look at my most viewed posts. Five years later I see that the same titles (Code Name NimrodThe Horse and His Boy Aesop's Fables, Two Towers and Wednesday Wars) still lead the way.

But a few other posts have attracted attention. My Recommended Librivox Recordings has had several thousand views. My dabbling in Georgette Heyer's novels and my comments on Profanity in Books and Culture have evoked quite a few views and comments. And one of my next most popular posts was a review of a YouTube video: Why Beauty Matters.

I love how these titles show the spectrum of my tastes from children's lit, to literary classics, to WWII memoirs, to books about why faith should make a difference to culture. I am grateful to all who read my blog and who occasionally leave comments. Here's to another ten years of great reading and sharing!



Barbara H. said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Carol in Oregon said...

Happy Blogiversary, Hope! I'm thankful for your corner of the web, for your thoughtful reviews, and for your friendship.

Carol said...

Well done, Hope! So good that you continue to blog and write all your very helpful reviews.

Colleen Manning said...

Happy Blogiversary! Worthwhile Books is truly a worthwhile blog, from what I have read so far... Richest blessings to you!