Friday, November 16, 2018

New Releases of D.E. Stevenson on Kindle

I was happy to see that some new D.E. Stevenson titles will make their appearance this January. I've been wanting to read the Mrs. Tim books and see that three of the four are only $3.99 each. Sadly, the first one, Mrs. Tim of the Regiment, is still almost ten dollars.

Available Jan 7, 2019:
Mrs. Tim Carries On (Book #2)
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job (Book #3)
Mrs. Tim Flies Home (Book #4)
Spring Magic
Smouldering Fire

Older Titles:
Amberwell is still 99 cents. (free for Kindle Unlimited)
Anna and her Daughters is $3.99 (free for Kindle Unlimited)
Katherine Wentworth and Katherine's Marriage are also $3.99 each (free for Kindle Unlimited)
Sarah Morris Remembers was quite pricey when I first checked, but 99 cents a week later. It is free for Kindle Unlimited users.

The four Miss Buncle books (my favorites) are $10 each, but I read them for free via library

Any opinions on the Mrs. Tim books? I know some people really love them. I couldn't really tell from the downloaded sample if I would like them or not.

Happy light reading!

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