Friday, August 23, 2019

What I Read and Watched this Summer

Since our return to the U.S. 3 months ago, we have been constantly on the move. Occasionally we stopped to watch an episode of Andy Griffith or Jeopardy. The only movies we watched were Toy Story 4 and Ant Man and the Wasp (not as good as the prequel). Toy Story was loads of fun in spite of the creepy puppets and the underlying message (ubiquitous to most films) that men are dolts who need powerful women to tell them what to do with their lives.

I've done mostly light reading since my brain couldn't handle much else: 4 Vintage novels (Bel Lamington and Fletcher's End by D.E. Stevenson, Village School by Miss Read and He Fell in Love with His Wife by E.P. Roe.) The latter was over the top in melodrama.

6 Non-fiction: Biography of missionary to China Geneva Sayre, Letters to an American Lady by C.S. Lewis,  a book on housecleaning called Sink Reflections, 3 Bible study books - Opening the Windows of Blessing (Zechariah) by Kay Arthur, Be Rich (Ephesians) and Be Joyful (Philippians) by Warren Wiersbe

Least favorite book: Racing in the Rain (YA version of The Art of Racing in the Rain) I wanted to read it because the movie was rated (gasp!) PG and I thought it might be worth watching. After reading the children's version, I can only imagine how depressing the adult version must be.

I'm halfway through Miracles by C.S. Lewis and 80% through Michael O Brien's Island of the World.

I'm looking forward to having more of a regular routine in the fall for reading and blogging.



Carol in Oregon said...

Hope, I do love to follow along with your reading and watching. Thank you for taking the time to journal them. I had a bout of abdominal pain that stopped me from my routine schedule, but allowed time to read or listen to books.

I remember Letters to an American Lady driving me crazy. Not C.S. Lewis, but the lady that absorbed so much of his time. I think it is the one CSL book I have no desire to re-read. Ever. (Oh, the pre-Christian poems fall in that one, too.)

Blessings on your travels!

Barbara Harper said...

I have a hard time reading anything heavy while traveling or away from routine, too. I loved He Fell in Love with His Wife, even though it was old-fashioned. I got some more of the author's books but haven't read them yet.

We watched several of the Marvel movies, but I had not seen the Antman ones. Netflix only had Antman and the Wasp, so I enjoyed that one after Endgame, but not as much as the Avengers, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Thor movies. I'll have to see if I can find the first Antman movie somewhere: I wasn't inclined to, but you've made me curious. :-) I want to see Toy Story 4, but the rest of the family wants to wait til we can watch it at home. I thought they had wrapped everything up in the last one and wasn't sure if they should've made another, but the trailers look fun.

booklearner said...

What?! I love "He Fell in Love with His Wife"! It's one of my favorites.
I like that we at least read the same types of books. ;)