Monday, August 15, 2011

Georgette Heyer on Kindle

I just saw a notice that in celebration of Heyer's birthday her books are being offered for Kindle users: Every single title for $1.99 for one week.  Since I'm a newbie to Heyer I can't recommend the best ones, but if you read the comments on my previous post, you'll find quite a few suggestions.  Enjoy!

Update: This deal is no longer available, but there is one free title for Kindle as of today (7/31/14) called The Black Moth. It is interesting to me that Heyer's books are so expensive. There must be quite a demand for them. I see that with Amazon Unlimited (which I don't have), you can read many Heyer titles for free. Here are a few I saw that are only $2.99: Bath Tangle and April LadyUnfortunately, the one I've heard the most rave reviews about Civil Contract is almost ten dollars.

(In case you are interested, The Black Moth has been put into audio form by Julie at Forgotten Classics.)


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Vintage Reading said...

I still haven't tried my first Heyer yet. Based on what I've seen around the book blogs I think I'll start with Venetia.