Thursday, August 4, 2011

Acquisitions from PaperBackSwap

I can still hardly believe the lovely books I'm able to get through PaperBackSwap.

Sabbaths by Wendell Berry
The One Year Book of Poetry
New Living Translation of the Bible
Brave Men by Pyle
Ernie's America - by Pyle
Home Country by Pyle

Berry's titles take a long time to receive, but they are worth the wait.  I acquired the Ernie Pyle titles without being on any waiting list at all.   My favorite poetry book got lost in our last international move so I was thrilled to find it available at PBS in "like new" condition.  Almost all of these are hardbacks in great condition so I'm pleased to add them to my library.

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Carol in Oregon said...

Somehow I missed this post, Hope. What a glorious stack of books...for almost free!

I love Paperbackswap; so I love to read about it from others that do too! Thanks!