Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Ten Most Read Books in the World

Gospel Coalition has an interesting post on the "Ten Most Read Books in the World."  The books have been printed in the last 50 years so this is not a list of the "Ten Most Read Books of All Time."  GC will be posting separate articles about each book, but begins with a brief summary of their world views.  I try to ignore modern books, but may look over some of these - epecially Paulo Coelho since he is a much revered Brazilian author.


Vintage Reading said...

No Austen? Bronte? Sad. But thanks for posting it!

Paula said...

It's funny because I haven't read most of these books and actually don't intend to. It reminds me that best sellers are not necessarily good books. (Gone with the wind was a bit surprising though). Have a great weekend!