Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bookish Quotes

Quotes collected by my bibliophile brother:

"My books have been part of my life forever. They have been good soldiers, boon companions. Every book has survived numerous purges over the years; each book has repeatedly been called onto the carpet and asked to explain itself. I own no book that has not fought the good fight, taken on all comers, and earned the right to remain. If a book is there, it is there for a reason. . . ." - Joe Queenan

"To a bibliophile, there is but one thing better than a box of new books, and that is a box of old ones." - Will Thomas

"Few pleasures, for the true reader, rival the pleasure of browsing unhurriedly among books: old books, new books, library books, other people's books, one's own books - it does not matter whose or where. Simply to be among books, glancing at one here, reading a page from one over there, enjoying them all as objects to be touched, looked at, even smelt, is a deep satisfaction. And often, very often, while browsing haphazardly, looking for nothing in particular, you pick up a volume that suddenly excites you, and you know that this one of all the others you must read. Those are great moments - and the books we come across like that are often the most memorable." - Aiden Chambers

"That I can read and be happy while I am reading, is a great blessing." - Anthony Trollope

"You are never the same person when you finish a book. . . ." - Philip Yancey


JaneGS said...

I love the Trollope quote, especially :)'

Nice collection of quotes that "say it all."

Heather said...

Excellent thoughts, I enjoyed them all.