Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Audiobooks - Part One

I received so many comments on my mention of audiobooks ( 12/26/08 blog) that I decided to clarify my view. Yes, listening to them is never quite as satisfying to me as reading the paper version because I cannot linger over beautiful words and phrases. BUT I really like audiobooks for several reasons.

First, I have limited access to books in English here in Brazil so downloading books from the internet is a great way to get my hands on them. (I only use free sites which means quality sometimes suffers.) Second, audiobooks are a painless way to “make myself” read a book that otherwise doesn’t interest me. Turn of the Screw and Heart of Darkness are just two examples of books I “read” that way last year.

Third, it’s a great way to fill up lost time (in the car, while housecleaning, etc.) and finally, it’s a great way to revisit a much-loved book. In this last example I’m already familiar with favorite phrases and I don’t feel anxious about not being able to read and re-read them. An especially soothing voice is an extra plus on some audiobooks. It harkens back to the times my mom tucked us in bed and read to us. Very comforting! (more thoughts next week)


Chils said...

I can find many audiobooks in the library and I start to try them~~~~Thanks for your views~~~

Carol in Oregon said...

Agreed with all points.