Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

I avoid book challenges because I don't like to be hemmed in by other people's book choices for me.  On the other hand, after reading other book bloggers' lists of "Best of 2011", I'm tempted to add a few titles to my list for the year.

To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee (because my son says it's one of the best books he's ever read.)
The Return of the King by Tolkien (because I loved the first two books that I read in 2011)
The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie (because my sister liked it)
Jeff Shaara's trilogy of World War II novels (because I found one of them for a quarter at the Goodwill and because I love WWII history)
Unbroken by Hilenbrand  (because it's about WWII and because almost everybody who read it said it was their book-of-the-year)
Gold by Moonlight by Amy Carmichael (Xmas gift from a dear friend)
The Dean's Watch by Elizabeth Goudge (because it's about time I've revisited this favorite author)

Other than that, I plan to "shop" my own bookshelves and the local university library, following my whims, while saving my Kindle books for when we return to Brazil next summer (Lord willing).


Beth said...

I absolutely love Jeff Shaara's WW II series. There is some language in them, but definitely books that linger with you.

I had a copy of Unbroken to read, but ending up giving it to my FIL for Christmas so I'm back at square one.

I love the idea of "shopping" your own shelves. Something I really, really need to do!

Heather VanTimmeren said...

I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time this past year, and it is an amazing novel!

Unbroken is probably the best non-fiction I've read for a while, although the biography of Bonhoeffer that I'm currently reading is certainly in the running.

I also enjoy WWII history, so I'll have to check out the fictional series that you mentioned. I'll look forward to reading your reviews, too.

Karen G. said...

You will love To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm going to read Unbroken this year, too, and for the sames reason--if that many people found it so good....