Monday, January 1, 2018

Intentional Christian Reading Challenge 2018

If you are like me, fiction is your default setting for relaxing reading. I have to push myself to read meatier fare, especially the Christian classics. That's why I'm glad Alina at Goodreads has decided to repeat the Intentional Christian Reading Challenge this year. (Last year I read 20 titles. I'm going for 26 books in 2018. My tentative choices, which have been on my Kindle forever, are in blue.)

The 2018 list:

1. A book about Prayer - Living a Prayerful Life by Andrew Murray
4. A book by or about a Pastor's wife - The Peaceful Wife by Cassidy DNF 10/18
5. A Christian Novel - Grounded by Angela Correll 1/18
6. A Christian Non-Fiction book - Do No Work by Andrew Gilmore 2/18
7. A Memoir - To End All Wars by Ernest Gordon 3/18
10. A book by C.S. Lewis - Problem of Pain 4/18
11. A book with the word "Gospel" in the title - Gospel Formed by J.A. Medders
12. A book about Christian Living - The Overcoming Life by D.L. Moody 2/18
14. A book by your Favorite Christian Author - Suncatchers by Jamie Langston Turner 6/18
15. A book on Marriage or Singleness - Courtship in Crisis by Thomas Umstattd Jr. 6/18
17. A book you own but have never read. - Weakness is the Way by J.I. Packer 7/18
18. A book about a current controversial issue - Because We are Called to be Counter Culture by Platt 7/18
19. A book with a one word title - Lilith by George MacDonald 3/18
20. A book more than 100 years old or takes place more than 100 years ago - Confessions of St. Augustine 12/18
21. A book published in 2017 or 2018 - The Story of Reality by Greg Koukl 11/18
23. A book recommended by a Christian Friend - Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton 10/18
24. A book about Joy or Happiness - Health, Wealth, and Happiness by David Jones 7/18
25. A book whose title comes from a Bible Verse - Earthen Vessels 3/18
26. A book on Theology - Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body
29. A book about Church or a specific Church - Jesus Killed my Church by Bohlender
38. A book by a Christian Author you've never read before -Shock of Night by Carr  DNF 3/18
44. A book with 100 pages or less - Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer 3/18
45. A historical Christian book - When the Holy Ghost is Come by S.L. Brengle 7/18
47. A book on Evangelism - Nudge by Leonard Sweet - DNF 3/18
50. A book with Jesus or Christ in the title - Quiet Talks about Jesus by S.D. Gordon DNF 10/18
51. A book of the Bible - Exodus 2/18
52. A book of your choice - Unspoken Sermons by George MacDonald DNF 10/18

Thank you, Alina for hosting this challenge!



Amy Marie said...

How interesting! Some unique categories within this category! I will enjoy reading your reviews. Amy

Ruth said...

I love this. I'm pinning it to my reading challenge board. : )

Cathy said...

Very ambitious, Hope! I, too, will look forward to reading your reviews!