Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Worst Books for Children

Tim Challies shares this link to an article on the Five Worst Books for Children.  I was not surprised to see The Golden Compass since it was written purposely to turn children's hearts away from God, but the Scott O'Dell title caught me off guard. What do you think?


Corey P. said...

Meh. Pretty lame list, in my opinion. Condescending, too. Island of the Blue Dolphins is a classic; my family has loved and appreciated that one for years. And Lemony Snicket? Please. DrewInWI's comment is spot-on in its rebuttal.

Carol said...

I read Island of the Blue Dolphins aloud to my older children years ago (Sonlight have it scheduled in ?year 5), yes it's sad but they remember it with fondness. Although I like to read reviews & peoples' opinions of books I think thoughtful, thinking parents are the best judges of what's suitable reading for their families.

Nora said...

Island of the Blue Dolphins: I had not read as a child. Last summer, I finally read it. I loved it and, too, feel it is a classic. As an retired elementary teacher and lover of books, I do disagree with the negative opinion of the O'Dell book.
The sister was resourceful, brave, and loved her brother. Great values shown.